Dedicated Family Time

My Daughter and I at the Go Cart Track

The basis of the “Big Rocks, Little Rocks” concept is to not prioritize your schedule, but rather to schedule your priorities.  In order stay constant in prioritizing my biggest rock, my family, I began dedicating one day a month to one of my kids and letting them plan our day.  I rotate the kids in month after month so that they all get 3 dedicated days a year. 

I first learned of this idea from a Director at my company and he explained that the first benefit is quality one on one time where you get to understand what they like to do.  This is meaningful in the long term, because as your child gets older, their likes will usually change, but you get to experience this growth more directly.  It also teaches your kids a little bit about project planning and how to schedule the day within a certain time and budget.  You will have the opportunity to have really good conversations about their lives and perhaps learn more about them in a fun environment.

You’ll definitely want to set a budget, as a day trip to Hawaii is not feasible for most of us.  Setting up the dates for the whole year helps with the planning and builds anticipation.  Initially you may have to help them with the planning, but you have to commit to doing whatever they want (within reason).  I once played 7+ hours of Fortnite with my oldest, and even though I had to fight through the motion sickness, it was great to see his excitement and ability to teach me things about the game’s history and tactics.  I went go cart racing and had a nice dinner with my daughter and learned that she is a little bit of a foodie and that I will have to get better auto insurance.

Trying to teach my son everything I know about cars (it was a short lesson)

No matter what you do, be engaged and be consistent.  The possibilities are only limited to your child’s imagination, and I encourage everyone to try it out.  You’ll both have a great time and develop memories to last a lifetime.

Author: Allen Camacho

As an experienced leader, my purpose is to lead those around me in a way that makes them feel heard, valued, and appreciated in order to achieve a high standard of excellence, together. With over 2 decades of professional leadership experience and overcoming some of life's difficulties, I offer a unique perspective on how to assist those around me in improving their personal and professional life. As a person with one lung, I take in every moment one breath at a time. Unapologetic Wolf Pack, Raiders, Warriors, and Guardians fan (in that order).

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