Volunteerism…Secretly a Selfish Endeavor

I admit the title of this post is very misleading, but you’re here anyways, so let me explain.  Aside from the well-known intent of volunteering, which is to help those in your community that need it the most, there are other personal benefits that you gain as well.  In a 2017 study by UnitedHealthcare, a survey showed that 75% of the respondents to the survey “felt physically healthier by volunteering”.  93% of the survey participants reported emotional improvement after volunteering.  From my volunteering experience I have felt the same way and it does give credence to the old adage of “Do Good, Feel Good”.

                When paired with your team and/or workplace, volunteerism can be a great team builder.  Along with providing those health and emotional benefits, volunteering can help improve your team’s skill set through interpersonal skills development, troubleshooting improvement, and networking, to name a few.  At the very least, a volunteering event allows you to break up the normal day-to-day work responsibilities, and challenges your team work together to accomplish something new.

                Here in Las Vegas, my team and I have done team building volunteer events with the Goodie Two Shoes Foundation, a great organization that goes to local schools and provides new shoes and socks to disadvantaged children and at-risk youth.  If you are here in Las Vegas, I suggest you help out our community through volunteerism and I highly recommend the Goodie Two Shoes events.  It’s always a good time and what the Berti’s have done for our community is outstanding.

                What volunteerism events have you done and was it in conjunction with your place of work?  If so, what has this done for your team?  What volunteering organizations have impressed you where you live?  I’m always interested in how different communities tackle problems particular to their locations.  Let me know! 

Author: Allen Camacho

As an experienced leader, my purpose is to lead those around me in a way that makes them feel heard, valued, and appreciated in order to achieve a high standard of excellence, together. With over 2 decades of professional leadership experience and overcoming some of life's difficulties, I offer a unique perspective on how to assist those around me in improving their personal and professional life. As a person with one lung, I take in every moment one breath at a time. Unapologetic Wolf Pack, Raiders, Warriors, and Guardians fan (in that order).

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