Big Rocks, Little Rocks

I was first introduced to the “Big Rocks/Little Rocks” concept of Dr. Stephen Covey during a year long leadership course offered for and by my company.  I had always been a serial procrastinator; in fact, I would often convince myself that I performed tasks better when completing them at the last second.  Something about the added pressure was exciting to me and accomplishing the assignment was made sweeter knowing that I had “beaten the buzzer”.  However, I didn’t realize that other priorities had suffered.

The long days at the office getting that effective presentation together were at the expense of the time I could have spent with my family.  The sleepless nights putting that detailed report together could have put my health at risk and definitely affected my attitude.  What Covey had taught me was that priorities should be prioritized, not schedules.  I know, it seems intuitive, some of you may even question my discipline, but how many of us are guilty of this.  You see, I wouldn’t sit around and do nothing as the deadline approached.  I would do anything, often non-important tasks in lieu of the task I should have prioritized.

Instead of working on that presentation, I would think “now is a good time to go clean and organize the garage”.  Or that report can wait because “I really need to go and meet with the new hires and sit in their class in case they need answers to some questions”.  However, now I prioritize the “Big Rocks” and at some point, the “Little Rocks” end up getting completed anyway.  I am less stressed and my biggest “Rock”, my family, are happy as well. 

If you have heard of it or have another way of determining what is a real priority, please let me know what you think.  If you’ve never heard about the Big Rocks/Little Rocks story, please check out the video below.  It isn’t a magical key to unlocking happiness or productivity, it’s a way of thinking that will need to be practiced in order to reap the value from it.  Hopefully, it helps you to face adversity, rather than chase it.

Courtesy of FranklinCovey

Author: Allen Camacho

As an experienced leader, my purpose is to lead those around me in a way that makes them feel heard, valued, and appreciated in order to achieve a high standard of excellence, together. With over 2 decades of professional leadership experience and overcoming some of life's difficulties, I offer a unique perspective on how to assist those around me in improving their personal and professional life. As a person with one lung, I take in every moment one breath at a time. Unapologetic Wolf Pack, Raiders, Warriors, and Guardians fan (in that order).

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